Apollo Resale has been selling for over three years and was started by our owner and founder, Chase Blount, in February of 2017, in the U.K. The initial draw to hype was through the exposure to Supreme, one of the most well known hype brands. You can read more about the History of Supreme here. What started as a passion for streetwear and collectibles has now evolved into a business and has successfully served nearly 100 satisfied customers. You can find out more about our customer satisfaction rate under our reviews tab.

For the past decade fast fashion has been facing serious scrutiny, due to unethical worker treatment, unsafe working conditions and destructive environmental impacts. Fast fashion is a global issue and when you decide to thrift you are making a positive consumer impact to put a stop to this industry and save the planet. When you support Apollo Resale you are supporting progress to ending fast fashion. So keep on thrifting with us and wherever you shop.

Apollo Resale really took off with the addition of our two most loved staff members. These two staff members have consistently tied for employee of the month for nine months in a row; with no end in sight. They love the work and have moved more products than anyone else. Meet our staff on the Our Team page, or click here.

If you are looking to connect further with us you can follow us on Instagram and Depop. For any comments, questions or concerns feel free to send us an email.