History of Supreme

Supreme got its start in 1994, when its first store opened in downtown Manhattan on Lafayette Street. The first store was designed to cater to the skate crowd, with hardwood floors and gallery style displays, they could skate right in the door and never even have to step off their boards.

The clothing and skateboard brand was founded by James Jebbia who was heavily influenced by a mix of English and American culture. Supreme is well known for its famous red and white box logo, which is largely based off of Barbara Kruger’s propaganda art. Supreme continued to cater to the skate crowd when it opened its second location in 2004 in Los Angeles, which featured an indoor skate bowl. 

Supreme has stayed on brand for over two decades, catering to the skate, hip-hop and youth culture. Supreme has chosen to collaborate with many various brands over the 26 years of its existence. These collaborations, no matter big or small, helped expose streetwear to a larger audience. Supreme has worked with skate brands, footwear brands, artists, musicians, photographers, film makers, sporting goods manufacturers, toy companies, furniture companies, and more.  

Supreme now has locations all over the world, including Paris, London, Tokyo and more. Most recently Supreme has opened their 12th location in San Francisco, in October of 2019. The handful of stores contributes even further to the exclusivity of the brand. Supreme knows how to efficiently build hype, with limited drops and building anticipation for seasonal collections, that will sell out in minutes. Supreme’s style has turned them into a major player in fashion. In 2018 Supreme was awarded the Council of Fashion Designers of America’s Menswear Designer of the Year award.  

Currently the company is now valued at $1 billion, from Supreme’s humble beginnings the company has transformed into a global lifestyle brand. Supreme fans from around the world will travel for miles and wait in lines with hundreds of others to visit one of the in-person locations. With Supreme’s success not showing any signs of slowing, it is currently being rumored that new Supreme stores could be located in Berlin or Milan.