Meet Our Team

Apollo Resale ultimately started as a one man band. Owner and founder, Chase Blount created the store in 2017, but his interest in streetwear dates well before that. As a skater and lover of men’s style, a passion formed when Supreme arrived on the scene. Chase then started collecting Supreme clothing, skate decks and accessories. Soon enough this led to an interest in other well known hype brands and ultimately led to the buying and reselling of those brands. Chase is also in charge of photography for Apollo Resale.

Megan Reger, head of Apollo Resale brand communications and social media outreach. Megan joined Apollo Resale in 2019 and works to produce visual content and boost sales. “Working for Apollo Resale has allowed me to learn about a whole other world I would have never known about,” says Reger. Megan is also in charge of videography and website development and management.

Huckleberry, an Apollo Resale model and brand ambassador. ‘Huck’ started with Apollo Resale in October of 2019 and paved the way for hype brand cat modeling. First in his class and a natural in front of the camera his career skyrocketed and so did the brand’s sales. Huck’s natural gray and tan striped coat allows him to model virtually any item. Huck weighs in at 9 lbs and is highly motivated to work for Friskies chicken soft treats. Huck enjoys spending his time killing house plants, hunting large bugs to bring inside, and wrestling with his brother. His favorite toy is a rattle mouse, which he enjoys playing fetch with.

Finn, another Apollo Resale model and Huckleberry’s older brother, joined Apollo Resale soon after Huck did. Like his brother, he also became an instant success. Finn a perfectly symmetrical tuxedo cat specializes in modeling complimentary colored items. Finn weighs in at 10 lbs and works for pets and Friskies crunchy treats.  In his free time Finn enjoys sun-bathing on the balcony, crying for food, lap pets, and playing tag with his brother. His favorite toy is the twist tie and anything filled with catnip.