Our Services


At Apollo Resale we are fully committed to selling you authentic products. We are able to authenticate products you are looking to buy or sell. Simply send us the pictures of your item or items and information of the purchase, from there we will inspect your item for specific details. Within 24 hours we will email a response to you on the authenticity of your item with our reasons for our decision. We are dedicated to transparency and if your item is unfortunately not authentic we will do our best to help you get a refund, if you have been scammed. 

Middleman Trades

We understand the value in ensuring your trades go smoothly, this service acts to protect both parties. We will add both parties to a chat and go over the logistics of the trade deal. After, both parties would ship to us (shipping fees fall on both parties.) After receiving both items we will verify both pieces are authentic and then proceed to ship each item (shipping fees fall on both parties) to their final destination. 

Resell Market Predictions

At Apollo Resale we want to help you make the most money off of your items. We are analyzing market trends for current and upcoming items so you know what to buy and when to sell. We are providing risk assessment for upcoming drops so you can stay informed on potential profits. 

We Buy

Apollo Resale is always looking to expand and is interested in hype appeal items. Feel free to contact us with the item you are looking to sell and we will respond back to you as quickly as possible with our response or negotiation. You can contact us via email or direct message on our Instagram site.   

Keeping You In The Loop

At Apollo Resale we are constantly keeping our calendars up to date so you won’t miss anything. Our calendars include major drop dates for Supreme, Palace, BAPE, KITH, all hype sneakers and more. We will provide all the links so you can be in the right place at the right time for drops and raffles taking place.